Sunday, June 2, 2019

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Hello ladies and gentlemen my name is BLANK and I am here because I am a risk taker. Have you ever perceive the expression if they jumped off a bridge would you too? My answer was a nervous yes to a free-fall jump off a bridge. This decision was a manner changing one.It was a hot and humid day and my friends and I were come out cycling for a few hours to fill in time. After a man we reached a foot bridge that was suspended over water. We all stopped before it. Suddenly my best friend turned around and said I dare you to jump off the bridge. Not to say anything, but I have a huge fear of heights. I have had it since when I went for a short, noisy and scary flight in a light aircraft when I was five. I have problems just going up in an elevator let alone jumping off a bridge.I could see other people jumping off and screaming while they fell towards the water. The noise from the screams was do it worse for me as it was causing my stomach to tighten and making me feel sick. So I de cided to take the easy way out of this positioning without embarrassing myself in front of my friends. Yes, ok I said nervously. But, only if you jump first. I added. He said fine then got off his round and put it down and said to look after it. He then made his way to the side of the bridge and stood up on the rail. He waved to us and then he just jumped. No fear or hesitation. He just jumped I was amazed and then I hear a splash. Oh no So much for the easy way out of this situation. I had assumed that he would decline and it would be left at that. We watched him swim back to the edge and then he went out of sight. I knew it was my turn next. A few minutes later he reappeared triumphantly and announced that it was my turn to jump like a shot that he had completed his end of the dare. With the spotlight on me and the pressure building as my friends cheered me on I decided that there was no way out and that it was time to face my fears and conquer them.

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